Harry Bond

Financial Markets

You have built a successful niche within Risk and Compliance, what do you enjoy most about working in the sector?
I love being methodical and meticulous, so I feel I have a natural affinity with the people in my market. I get a kick out of placing those people who play an important part in how the bank's capital is managed. Recent placements have included candidates who have been brought in to sort out some pretty high profile situations. So it's satisfying to read that some of the people I have placed are making a huge contribution not only to their employer but also to the wider financial services community.

Away from work, what is your greatest achievement?
Without a doubt, swimming for England and making the selection trials for the junior Olympic squad. Also being able to eat five Big Macs in one go!

In a front crawl, head to head over 50 metres, who would win you or your brother Ben?
I can't lie.....me! Thanks for stirring up the sibling rivalry.

You have a lot of films sent to the office. How do you find time to watch them all?
Because I spend a lot of time at home preparing for the next day at work!

What's your favourite film?
Impossible to answer but La Hein is definitely one of them.

What's your biggest fear or phobia?
Squealing pigs.

If you weren't working in recruitment, what would you want to do?
I love cooking so I'd have to say a chef in my own restaurant.

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